Step 1.Warming-up and Revision(8 minutes)

1.Greeting.(2 minutes)

T:Good morning,boys and girls.I’m Miss Huang.What’s your name?/Nice to meet you./How are you?

2.Play games:Eagle eyes.(3 minutes)

(1)PK:Invite two students to point out the food.(Give a star to the winner)

T:Now,let’s play a game,eagle eyes.Two students in one group,point out the food as quickly as you can!If you win,you can get a gift.Do you know what food it is?Apples,juice,rice,bread...They’re food!OK,who wants to have a try?


(2)Show the pictures of bread,juice,egg,milk,water,cake,fish,rice...quickly.The whole class call out the food.

T:Good job!Now the whole class tells me what this is.

Teach the new words:coke,ice cream

T:Do you like them?(Ss:Yes.)But it’s not very healthy,we can’t often eat it.

设计意图:将图片按序播放通过“Quick response”,自然而然地从旧知过渡到新知,充满乐趣地学习新词汇。

3.Free talk.(2 minutes)

T:Wow,so much food!I’d like some fish,yummy,yummy,yummy!I’d like some eggs,good,good,good.What would you like?

Ss:I’d like some...(nice/good/yummy/great/super...)

T:Good job!Now,let’s chant together!

4.Let’s chant.(1 minute)

I’d like some bread,good,good,good!

I’d like some rice,great,great,great!

I’d like some juice,nice,nice,nice!

I’d like some eggs,yummy,yummy,yummy!

I’d like some fish,super,super,super!


Step 2.Presentation and Practice(14 minutes)

1.Show Picture 1~2.(2 minutes)

T:Zoom likes eating,too.Look at Picture 1.Can you guess where Zoom is?What is he doing?

Ss:...(Students can use Chinese to describe.)

T:(Show Picture 2)Look,there’s a waitress.Zoom is at the canteen.He is hungry.Can you guess what he ordered?

Listen and find the answer.(Fish.)


2.Show Picture 3~5.(3 minutes)

T:Zoom is so hungry,he ordered so much food!Can you guess,what else did Zoom order?

T:Look at the pictures.What did Zoom order?(Fish,rice and coke.)Can you number the pictures?You can talk with your partner.

Ask students to write the number 3~5 on the whiteboard.

T:How do you know the numbers?

Ss:Food!Cat!(Students can use words or phrases.)

T:You are so clever!Look!The food is becoming more and more.And there’s a cat!It is getting closer to Zoom.

Listenandcheckthe answers.

T:Zoom ordered fish,rice,coke and ice cream.Now,read after the tape.(Teach sure)


3.Guess:What is the cat thinking?(5 minutes)

(1)Guess and act.

T:Guess,what is the cat thinking in the Picture 3~5?(Teacher can take an example and act it out with headdress.)

Ss:I’m hungry./...(Picture 3)I’d like some fish./...(Picture 4)It’s my fish./...(Picture 5)

(2)Read the pictures one by one.

Picture 3:Teacher vs.Group 1~3 vs.Group 4~6.

Picture 4:Teacher vs.Boys vs.Girls.

Picture 5:Pair work.


4.Watch the video.(2 minutes)

T:Now,let’s watch the video and have a look what happened.

Ss:The cat eats the fish.

T:How is Zoom?Happy or not?(Unhappy)

5.Read after the tape.(2 minutes)

Step 3.Consolidation and Extension(18 minutes)

1.Make an end.(3 minutes)

T:What will Zoom do?What happened in the end?

Ss:...(Students can use Chinese to describe.)

Zoom asks the cat to go away.The cat says sorry./Zoom and the cat have lunch together./Zoom takes the cat home,they live happily and the cat will not be hungry anymore./...

(1)Zoom:Bad cat!Go away!Cat:Sorry.

(2)Zoom:One more fish.Let’s eat!Cat:Thank you.


2.Act it out:Group work.(13 minutes)

(1)Choose one end you like to act the story out.

Teacher needs to take an example first.

T:I think Zoom is very kind,he will forgive the cat and share food with the cat.They will become good friends.We also have to be kind and share food together with our friends.

(2)Make a new story.

T:I have more food for you!Choose what you like to make a new story!


3.Name the story.(2 minutes)

T:Can you give the story a name?

Ss:Zoom’s fish./Zoom and cat./...(Write down on the blackboard)

T:Which title do you like best?

T:That’s all for today’s class.Here is the homework for you.

Step 4.Homework

Listen and read the story.


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